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Kerning to Crime*

I Love This Series

Jamie Lang, amateur sleuth and hand letterer, gets mixed up in another crime, witnessing an unknown woman dying on the street in the arms of a man. At first, they first thought she was having an allergic reaction, but when an Epi-Pen doesn’t help, something more sinister must have been at work. I enjoyed this book, as I have the other books in this series. I liked the way this book started, with a little look at Jamie’s hand lettering vlog. Nice to see a mention, too, of Hot Hugh, a YouTube hand letterer and Jamie’s friendly rival. How did she get mixed up with so many good-looking guys? Hot Hugh, law enforcement in town, and Kit–the man with the dying woman in his arms and the natural first suspect. This book, like all this author’s books, has a good balance between the quirky characters needed in a cozy mystery and the actual suspenseful mystery aspects; this is not easy to achieve, as I see most authors tending to go either one way or the other without striking the balance. A great read that had me turning the pages.