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Of Cake and Kirra

Next up in this series of short romances about the Nelson brothers is Kayden’s story. The book opens at Callista and Jackson’s wedding. Kayden reveals his unrequited feelings for retreat manager, Kirra, in his thoughts. In a funny little bit, Kayden suddenly appears when Kirra is getting out the wedding cake, causing it to get damaged. Kirra has been burned in past relationships, so she does her best to tamp down her feelings for Kayden, so much so that he doesn’t realize that she has them! Will these two be able to come together? Or will they be unable to get beyond doubt and fears?

This was an extremely short novella. As such, I felt that the development of the romantic relationship happened too fast; the story would have been better served as a longer novel so we could see the budding, but unknown, attraction as well as the issues that held them both back. As in the last book, Jaxson, I enjoyed the humor between the Nelson siblings and the supportive family atmosphere between the brothers and the rest of the family.

While I wished for more of the story, I am still looking forward to Andrew’s romance.

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