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Just the Way You Are*

A Heartfelt Small-Town Romance

A simply wonderful small-town romance! Both the hero and the heroine are flawed, each having a history that embarrasses them. The heroine comes to a small town on the Oregon coast to crash with a friend after she quit her vice president job at a consulting firm in Los Angeles after the breakup of her short-term relationship with one of the partners. The hero is a handyman with dyslexia, which he keeps a secret from everyone but his older sister because he feels ashamed and unworthy. On the night they first meet, the heroine breaks down in tears, the roughness of the past couple of months finally catching up with her. The two have a near-instant attraction, but both determined not to do anything about it.

This was a really sweet, well-done small-town romance. The author drew me right into the story with the heroine’s unbalanced emotional state, even though she was her own worst enemy with that bad relationship with the boss. The hero at first comes off as sweet and flirty, but he has deep self-esteem issues because of his dyslexia that wasn’t diagnosed until he was a teen. His feelings and thoughts about himself seem so realistic. I am often caught up in the heroine’s emotional drama in a romance but rarely the heroes, so I liked that he had a flaw, so to speak, that held such an emotional charge for him. The town itself can almost be seen as a character. I don’t want to give too much more away, but there is a series of events that involve the whole town that also touches the heroine, and I thought it was a beautiful thing to behold. Having lived in a small coastal town in California, I can say it was true to small-town life. If you enjoy a contemporary small-town Romance, you may very well find this as much of a delightful read as I did.