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Fascinating World But Some Annoying Flaws

I loved the adorable cover on this book and found that the name of the made-up town to be amusing (although I wonder if it is as funny to people from West Virginia), and as I love paranormal stories, I had high hopes for this one. While I did enjoy the story itself, the book had some serious flaws. There is a very wrong word choice on the very first page. The use of hyphens seems incorrect, and there were other issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. A huge info dump set up the entire premise of the story immediately; the backstory and premise were not rolled out slowly, as they should be. All these things annoy me in books. I actually did quite like the heroine’s character. It’s rare to see a shy protagonist. I like the world that the author has created, but those annoyances that I mentioned earlier were off-putting.