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Good Friends and Family Round Out this Short Romantic Tale

Jaxon and his family are due to open their newly revamped ranch, part of which will now be a retreat Center. His sister Haley brings a friend to help prepare for opening day, and both Jaxon and Callista have an immediate attraction. Jaxon hasn’t been too successful with the ladies, as his last girlfriend left him for someone else, and he’s a little shy. Callista is the opposite and complementary to him; she’s a woman who’s not afraid to go after what she wants.

Will Jaxon get over his shyness and wariness with women? Will Callista fall for the cowboy?

Coming from a large family myself, I always enjoy stories that have a family twist to them. We have the Nelson brothers, four of them, plus one sister. There’s a lot of gentle humor in this book—the kind that actually exists in large families—and in particular, I love the relationships and humor between the brothers. Girl power was not left behind, though, with Callista and Haley and their friend Jess. I love seeing these groups interact in both humorous and supportive ways, and I look forward to more books about this group of characters.

Oh, and I have to mention… the book appears well-edited. Worth mentioning, as it seems too rare these days!