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I've Decided to Live 120 Years*

A Gift and Blessing to Those Middle-Aged and Beyond

What a delightful book that will get you thinking differently about aging. The title is shocking, which is what made me choose the book at a book review site that I use. In the introduction, the author states that while he doesn’t know when his end will be, he has in fact decided his life span will 120 years. For him, this has caused a paradigm shift in his thinking about what to do with what he views as the second half of his life. This book discusses a lot of his philosophy and what it can mean, but it is also practical, giving direct suggestions and activities that will help you if you decide to live 120 years. Topics he discusses include our physical power, sources of joy, letting go of attachment, solitude, mental power, continuous cultivation of self, sharing and giving, and the importance of nature. He does also discuss death in various chapters, and the final chapter discusses the many ways that one could leave a legacy, whether through mentorship directly or by leaving a small, but compassionate footprint on the Earth.

As one who has just passed the half-century mark, I found this book to be inspiring and invigorating, making me desire to live as much of a life as I can for as long as I can despite my age. The author has given a gift to people who see themselves as middle-aged or senior citizens. It opens up the possibilities of all that we can be.

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