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Regency Tale of Honor and Manners…Sigh!

This is the second Regency romance that I have read by this author, and I really like her style. She has a way of writing historical language that feels somewhat elevated but is still accessible and in no way stilted. From my vast reading in Regency, I think this is a hard balance to strike, but this author does it with flair. At first, the premise for this particular book seemed a little silly, until the day after the setup when you realize that the hero has regrets. The author has created an elaborate plot that focuses on honor and self-respect, mirroring some of the best of Regency in its play on manners. I absolutely adored both the hero and the heroine. The hero appears sometimes at war with himself; what is the meaning of honor and true love, and how does that mark him as a man when he acts on those principles? The heroine is sweet, so kind and compassionate despite being treated like a second-class citizen by just about everybody because she isn’t as beautiful as her younger sister. This hit all the right spots for a good Regency novel, and I ended up staying up way too late reading this book.