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Intuition is Your Superpower*

Listen to and Encourage Intuition

Are you curious about intuition? This quick read gives you the author’s take on this somewhat nebulous topic. It is intensely personal as the author shares her journey about how she has gotten guidance and helped heal some of her mental wounds by pausing to reflect on what her mind and body is telling her and actively encouraging her intuition. Each chapter contains both her personal experience and more general thoughts about how the reader can incorporate the chapter’s topic into his or her own life. She does get you thinking about trusting those flashes of personal insight and what our bodies tell us. Our brains and our bodies are capable of so much more than just rationality and what can be quantified and measured. They store wisdom, and that wisdom can teach us so much if we are willing to listen and perhaps encourage.

The author looks at topics including body wisdom, how to encourage your intuition by working with the symbols resonating in your life, how to use it to help unpack your emotional baggage, and trusting intuition more in everyday circumstances. She also talks about different ways to meditate. There’s also a fun quiz at the back to see where you fall on the rational-intuitive spectrum.

The author has an easy-to-relate-to writing style, writing as if she is your slightly more knowledgeable girlfriend talking to you about intuition. Kudos to her, too, for writing with incredible honesty about the difficulties she has had in her life. They have definitely made her stronger, yet she still comes across as compassionate and kind, gently coaxing the reader trust and encourage intuition. The book is short and can be read in less than an hour.