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Complex Speculative Fiction that Surprises

Oh, my gosh, what a story! The author has such a vivid imagination and such a creative way of thinking to even be able to conceive of such a story! The book is very well written. All of the characters have unique voices, and the important ones have super unique character arcs. I love speculative fiction, but this one ratchets it up a notch or 100. After the accident that literally cracks open Adam’s world, the book actually follows two storylines, one about what’s happening with Adam and his intraterrestrial journey and the other about his parents as they cope with their own injuries and try to deal with Adam’s. Camille in particular is a complex and very well done character. She acts just like one would expect a mother to act in this situation, as one grappling with her son’s traumatic brain injury and his subsequent battle to remain alive, at times a crusader and at other times a woman who is grappling with too much. This can make her unlikable at times, and I think it is actually brave of the author to write the character this way. I don’t want to give too much away about Adam’s story arc, but it definitely is both an inner and outer journey for him. Brilliantly done all the way around. If you’re looking for a speculative fiction book is completely different from anything you’ve read, but still is very human, you should definitely check out this book.