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Infatuated with the Duke's Daughter*

Odd Viewpoint Shifts

While I have enjoyed at least one other book by this author, this one just didn’t work for me on so many levels. The author had a strange writing style in this one, where she interspersed omniscient viewpoint with a third-person viewpoint. For me, that was very awkward. And it made for long stretches of exposition that were more telling rather than showing. Telling rather than showing is definitely a danger in a novella anyway, but it is heightened when the omniscient viewpoint is used, especially as it done so often in this book. I also found the language to be stilted and awkward. Not that it’s completely germaine, but the cover is completely inappropriate for a Regency romance. The style of dress is about as opposite from Regency as you can get. Regency dress is known for having high, empire waists; the dress shown on the cover has the waistline below the hips. This just isn’t realistic for Regency at all. I had so enjoyed her other book, but I just did not like this one.