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In the Nib of Time*

Murder of a Master Letterer

I am so enjoying this series! And not just because the heroine, amateur sleuth Jamie Lang and I share the same first name! I love the hand lettering aspects of it, as I am a calligrapher myself. (I find myself wondering if the author herself has a love of lettering, because two series of hers now have had to do with it in some way, this one on hand lettering and another on typography.) I love how Jamie notices details, like a woman in her profession would. In this book, the author strikes the perfect balance between cozy and mystery. What do I mean by that? Some cozy mysteries put too much emphasis on the interesting characters or community, and the mystery lags (or is too obviously solved). Others have the opposite problem. Ms. Archer strikes the perfect balance between the two. I love the story. What a method of murder in general, and in particular for such a master lettering craftsman as the victim. I also enjoy a mystery with a lot of potential suspects, and this one had plenty. The book pulled me right into the story’s world, and I loved watching the details unfold. Another excellent book in this series.