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In My Heart*

Well-Done Heartfelt Contemporary Romance

What a beautifully written second-chance-at-love story! Lily is blindsided when she moves back to town after her life was shattered, and her family lets her know that her former fiance, and father of her son, has recently returned to town as well. Lily is still reeling from the loss of her husband and went through a difficult pregnancy without him. Luke never knew he was a dad until he came back to Sweetbriar, suffering from PTSD and injuries from his time in the Army. The author did a good job describing how Luke felt, the struggles he faced and the pressure to be a good father to his new-found son. Dylan is such a big-hearted little man; he acted his age at some moment, but at other times, was so insightful. Parts of the story were very sweet while others were heartbreaking. A very well-written contemporary romance.

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