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In Darkest Days May Blossom*

Can Love Survive in the Face of Harsh Realities?

Jonathan first sees Charlotte as she’s being beaten nearly to death buy constables for a crime that she didn’t commit. As a young gentleman, he is appalled her treatment and steps in to help, ultimately saving her life. These unlikely people fall for each other, and the book details Charlotte’s treatment in the legal system of late 18th century England.

Will Jonathan continue to stand by Charlotte? How was she fare at the hands of this seemingly merciless system?

Oh, my goodness! What a book! The author was able to draw me into this harsh world right away. Both Jonathan and Charlotte have incredible self-awareness as they acted and reacted to forces and circumstances beyond their control. As Jonathan saw that first day, Charlotte does have an incredible depth of character and inherent dignity that seem at odds with her circumstances as a poor orphan child. Jonathan, too, is different from—as Charlotte might say—a lily-handed toff. My goodness, what Charlotte suffers in prison as well as at the mockery of a trial! It’s hard not to feel for her and the injustice of her circumstances, first out in the real world and in prison as well. The author has done a skilled job in writing with such emotional honesty for both characters. I couldn’t help but be sucked in nor did I want to put the book down until I was finished. The end indignity—after all that she had already suffered—nearly broke my heart, but I was so thrilled when she finally triumphed.

This is an engaging and sometimes difficult read. The words themselves are easy enough, but the harshness of Charlotte’s world that they convey make a difficult indeed. Still, this was so masterfully done that I wholeheartedly recommend this book

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