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Illegitimately Yours, Michael and Me*

Targeted Topic Memoir with Fantastic Immediacy

I have never read the author’s fictional works because I don’t read erotica. But I was completely transfixed by this nonfiction book that she has written about her life and her family. Right from the first chapter, she is able to create a picture in words that pulls you right into her life. We relive an important Christmas with her when she was a young child. (In fact, I wonder how she can remember her very young life in such vivid detail.) I’ve rarely seen such a well-written, targeted-topic memoir that details someone’s life with such immediacy. Often in these kinds of books, it feels like we are being told what happened through the lens of someone looking back and adding their own, older-and-wiser judgment. Instead, this author lets us discover along with her as she did at the time. Brilliantly done. 

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