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I Dream of Darcy Book 3*

Plagued by Problems Like Second Book

I have read all parts of this serialized novel. I was quite enamored of the first book but became disenchanted by the second. Some of the things I disliked in the second installment were present in the final one as well. To me, Elizabeth Bennet in this variation was not the Elizabeth Bennet we all know and love from the original. In this particular book, she seemed to have a true lack of self-esteem throughout much of it, and her thoughts on her and Mr. Darcy’s chances could turn on the merest glance or phrase from him or others in the book. It bordered on ridiculous how she read so much into every little thing—and always in the worst possible way. Despite having three books to build it all up, Darcy’s shifts in regard didn’t seem wholly believable, even though it was lovely to watch at times. I always enjoy an in-love Mr. Darcy. I never did get used to the author calling Georgiana Giana as Mr. Darcy’s nickname for her; nor did I get used to everybody referring to Mr. Darcy as just Darcy, even Georgiana and the countess of Matlock. For a serialized book that started off with such promise, I ultimately find myself disappointed in this particular variation.