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Thoughts on Thinking

What an intriguing book! It truly is a book that makes you think about thinking. The earlier sections of the book dissect various aspects of logical and illogical thought. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on fallacies, as these seem to be so rife in today’s political climate. But the author does not only attend to the left brain; the right brain is also given analysis and exploration in sections on intuition, wisdom, emotion, inspiration, and even music. I actually wish more time was spent on the more right-brain parts of thinking that aren’t usually given such prominence or importance. Throughout the book, the author uses examples to illustrate the various points he is making. I have just recently read another book on thinking, and that book seemed to be more about getting you around to the author’s way of thinking. This book is better and completely different, thank goodness! This author presents his ideas and arguments clearly and succinctly and urges the reader, directly and indirectly, to engage and explore the various ways of thinking, taking no sides or positions that are self-serving. I recommend reading this book in small doses, as it can tax our human minds to think about thought, and I also heartily suggest that you continue to think about thinking when engaging with the world around you. You will understand not only your own thinking better but also the thinking of others who matter in your world.