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How to Make Money Writing Fiction*

Disorganized Conglomeration of General Book Marketing Information

With the variety of marketing and writing books on the market, I can safely tell you to look elsewhere if you’re wanting solid advice about making money writing fiction. This book is a hot mess in many ways. In general, the information within is mostly what you can find in many other places, often for free; no new ground here. He also doesn’t go into any depth at all; just when it starts to get interesting, he says that he can’t go into detail even about his own story (sometimes also suggesting other, outside reading; Kindlepreneur seems to be a favorite site), and moves on to the next subject. This book mostly appears to be an advertisement for his free email course on book marketing; I think it was mentioned no less than four times in the book, in the beginning, the end, and even interrupting the middle. Of course, that links to a pricey, more expanded version. Some information in the book is just wrong as well, as there have been recent shifts in the Amazon search algorithm. Even though the book purports to be about selling fiction, only in a few places does he actually mention fiction, like in the section on genre; the rest of the book has general information that could apply to any book. The book is poorly organized as well, which is only made worse by the author jumping from topic to topic quickly. The entire text is all so poorly formatted for e-reading. The table of contents is a mixed-up jumble. The book comes across as a thrown-together grab bag of information from a variety of sources that is solely meant to lead the reader to further engage with the author.