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How to Be F*#%ing Amazing*

A Little Too Much of Author’s Story in Self-Help Book

I am drawn to self-help books as I am curious about other people’s insights into life, and I found myself intrigued enough to want to find out what this author might offer as her healing insights. The book comes from a 70-day course that the author has. The author has been through much in her life, and we learn a lot about that in this book. While I think that the author’s life should be reflected in an intensely personal book like this, I think that her story actually overshadows her insights. Each insight starts with her own story about it, which is usually quite lengthy with a fair amount of graphics and somewhat overshadows the rest of the information contained in the insight. Some of the insights themselves didn’t seem particularly “insightful.” After some initial paragraphs on thought, beliefs, and hope, the book is divided into 5 main chapters that contain the healing insights: detox, releasing emotions, mindset, reprogramming your mind, and exercise/physical activity. To me, the sections on mindset and reprogramming overlap greatly; I didn’t quite see the distinction she was trying to draw. I think this book would have been better if the author had taken herself out of it just a little bit. Again, her story seems to overwhelm the insights.

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