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How to Analyze People*

Introduction to Nonverbal Communication

In this short book about nonverbal communication, the author lays out a simple plan to improve your ability to read and understand the nonverbal clues about the thoughts, plans, and emotions that people can’t help but communicate. The author’s experience comes from his own life as a trainer and personal coach, and he also has a master’s degree in behavioral psychology. After he explains the basic concepts of nonverbal communication, he lays out chapters that go essentially from head to toe: facial expressions, voice, posture, body language of the upper body, and body language of the legs and feet. The main section of the book ends with two specialized chapters, how to spot a lie and how to spot romantic interest. There was a bonus chapter on well about nonverbal communication in the workplace.

The book is basic in what it explains about each of these topics, but it does get you thinking about others and your own nonverbal communication. If this is a topic that interests you, you might find this short read a very interesting introduction.