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How Probate Works*

Perfect Guide to the Probate Process

How wonderful to come across a nonfiction book that promises precisely what it delivers! As the title says, this book is all about how probate works, and as the subtitle says, it is for executives, heirs, and families. The book starts with a definition of probate and other terms that are a part of the process. Then he goes into the beginnings of the probate process and follows with how to settle and close an estate. Ending chapters are specifically for executors and heirs. The last chapter looks at specific difficult situations. Each chapter ends with key takeaways. Each chapter is full of examples, so you can see that the ideas that he talks about in action. Probate is tricky business–complex, lengthy, and potentially expensive–and people have to handle it at probably one of the most challenging points in their lives, when they’re grieving someone they cared about. This straightforward, no-nonsense book is the perfect antidote so you don’t have probate overwhelm.

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