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Hound on the Sound*

Nice Start to New Series

Pepper is returning to her hometown after time in the big city to open up her own law firm. She’s able to buy a property at a steal, which she does question but is happy about. The sleazy lawyer in town gives her a hard time when she moves in, but with a little help from friends and family, she is able to work it out. An old flame is now the sheriff, and he’s recently separated from his wife. Why was the property such a steal? Will there be a second chance at romance for Pepper as well?

The hound mentioned in the title is Mr. Woogles, and while I am not a dog person, I thought he was very cute indeed. Pepper’s interactions with him were adorable. Even though this is a short story, I felt like we got to know some of the characters in town somewhat. I like the promise of a little bit of romance in the future stories and in this series. The author writes description well, allowing the reader to visualize places and settings. The dialogue felt natural.