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Hope's Dream*

Lovely Little Holiday Romance

This is a sweet little romance that reminds me very much of a Hallmark made-for-TV holiday romance. Hope is a driven and compassionate young lady who works two jobs to help support her and her mother. Unfortunately, her mother was in a bad accident that actually killed Hope’s father, and she is in a wheelchair and requires a lot of expensive medical treatment. The hero, Tyler, is a lawyer for a small New York firm. He has been tasked to get Hope to sign an agreement for her to receive an inheritance from her father’s side of the family. She and her mother have been estranged from them because they disowned their son, her father, when he chose to remain with and marry her mother. They thought she was a gold digger who was beneath their family. The hero had been trying to contact Hope, but she did not respond to the firm’s letters. He figured since she was so reticent, she needed a delicate and personal touch to get it all sorted out. The hero is a sweet guy who is too involved in his job to have a personal life. So he falls pretty quickly for the kind and lovely Hope. He fears that his little secret will destroy their budding relationship.

I actually enjoyed this lovely little romance. It is relatively low angst, and the characters are both delightful, kind-hearted people who deserve each other. I quite enjoyed watching their story unfold. I can tend to read some pretty intense books, so every now and then it is lovely to read a book that is simply pleasurable. If you like the Hallmark-type of love story, you may very well enjoy this book.