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Hook, Line, and Vital Signs*

Not Quite the Medical Romance I Was Hoping For

I was attracted to this book at my favorite book review site because I am an RN, and I will admit to having a weakness for romances that have a medical setting. The heroine is an ER nurse and the hero is a CAT scan specialist. Right off the bat, unfortunately, I noticed some things that didn’t seem right about the medical aspect, about how things work in the hospital these days. I run across that far too often in fiction books. With the interconnectedness of people on the internet, I would think that authors could actually reach out to nurses and other medical people so that those aspects of their books would ring true. Seriously, does any ED use paper charts these days?

I did not like the hero. He was far too much of a jerk towards the heroine at the start of the book, and the author was not able to successfully rehabilitate him for me. The two had had a previous relationship that went south, but he pretended like he didn’t really remember her when they meet up again at the hospital. Then he seemed more interested in pursuing her cousin. Ick. Not hero material in my book. All around, I found this to be a disappointing book.