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Holiday Fling*

Deeper than Hallmark Holiday Romance

The cover of this book might make you think that this is a Hallmark-style holiday romance. While this book does have some elements of those sweet and relatively fluffy romances, the substance of this book goes much deeper. At the start of the book, the heroine is struggling on several levels, physically and mentally. The author has done an excellent job showing how a woman who had been through what the heroine had would feel and how that would affect her thinking about herself and the world around her. Given what has happened, I can understand the heroine’s desire to pull away from what she’s known and retreat for the holidays. I found it interesting, too, that the author chose to stick to just the perspective of the heroine. Most of the romances I read alternate viewpoint between the hero and heroine. What this limitation does here is really force us to see the world through the heroine’s eyes. We don’t know the hero’s motivations any more than she does. Like her, we can only surmise. I did find myself wondering why he did what he sometimes did. The chemistry between the two characters was off the charts. The story had all the elements that I like in a romance: a relatable heroine, a wonderful hero, good interactions between them, and a little something more than just the romance at stake. If you enjoy heartfelt contemporary holiday romance, you might enjoy this book.