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His Sweet Hellion*

Anges Vengeurs

This is a relatively short novella, but my, what a story! Emma and Rhys are such well-drawn characters. The author evokes so much sympathy for both of them. They had been through so much before they met, and the drama only increased afterward. Rhys is haunted by the fact that he was the only surviving member of his unit at a terrible battle. Though his superior officer was the one who fled the battlefield on that fateful day, that man has labeled Rhys the deserter and coward. Emma has lost her father and only finds out about her brother’s death on that battlefield in the opening scene of the book. They both had lost so much in different ways, yet they both have strength, resilience, and compassion. If you like historical Scottish romance, this lovely little novella brings all the feels and may be right up your alley.