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Highlander's Touch*

Disjointed Book with Much Action Off Screen

I have read several books in the Matheson Brothers series, and unfortunately, I have found them to be of variable quality. I find myself disappointed in this particular installment because the presentation is choppy and just odd. So much action seems to happen outside of the pages of the book, off screen so to speak. We are just told of things happening, not shown them, and then are only shown some repercussions of what we were told about before the book moves on to the next somewhat discombobulated telling portion. This book is just odd. And I would call it steamy to the point of being crude, which is not my favorite. I don’t mind a certain level of explicitness in intimate scenes, but it can be taken too far in a book that isn’t specifically called erotica. This book, I think, teeters on that edge. While some of the books in the series are worthwhile, this one was just disjointed and strange.