Highlander's Courage*

Ailing Fae Finds Mate

The latest installment of the Matheson Brothers series is about Cairstine and Liam. Cairstine has come from ancient times to the present. She’s a shape-shifting fae who relies on the blood of others to stay alive. To keep others safe, she drinks the blood of her immortal sisters to stay alive, afraid of becoming bloodthirsty and causing harm to mortals. Despite her immortality, something is not quite right with her soul. Liam, who is the doctor of the modern-day clan, can sense that she is not well. They turn out to be mates.

Why is immortal Cairstine suffering so? Will they be able to figure out what’s causing it and help her soul heal? What of the continuing problems with the leader of the McKenzies? Will the Matheson clan leader’s vision of Cairstine being imprisoned by Colin McKenzie come true?

If you’ve enjoyed the other books about the Matheson brothers, you will find Liam’s and Cairstine’s story a lovely addition. Cairstine is at time so troubled by what she has to do to survive, and she is fearful of causing harm to others. At times, it appears she cares more about others than herself, even to her detriment. Even though she is immortal, you can sense her vulnerability. It is easy to understand her fears and motivations as the author does a good job describing some events in Cairstine’s past. Liam is a strong hero who will look out for her when she refuses to. I love this couple and their story.

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