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High Plains Bride*

Way More than the Typical Western Romance

Only recently have I gotten into reading historical Western romance. I’m more of a Regency kind of girl. But one does sometimes get tired of the same old same old, so I ventured out into Old West romances by authors like Kathleen Lawless and Jacqui Nelson. I was surprised how much I enjoyed a subgenre so different from my favorite! How fun it is to discover new reading delights. When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought it would be a typical Western romance. I am pleasantly surprised that it was so much more than that. The first scene is gripping in the way that all first scenes should be. It starts with a literal bang, almost. Then the author gives relevant backstory in a way that is actually dramatic and fascinating to follow as we watch two people who have been separated by 14 years, lies, and misunderstandings start to try to sort the truth out between them. The characters are truly drawn in a uniquely individual way. And the plot has so much tension you can cut it with a knife. Even broader themes are looked at in this book. The novel had surprising depth for what could have easily been a simple, typical Western Romance. This far exceeds the norm and is everything that a Western romance should be.

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