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Hidden Entity*

Things That Go Bump on Fright Night

At the B&B, they’re putting on a special Halloween Fright Night. The crew works extra hard to create decorations and food as well as prepare stories to tell on their ghost walk tour through the building. People are staying at the B&B just to have the complete experience. And what an adventure they get when, as the ghost tours are happening, strange sounds and laughter are heard that seem to be coming out of nowhere. It’s all in good Halloween fun, right? But things are not as they seem when one of the guests turns up murdered. Then while doing an investigation, a hidden tunnel is found, but Brenda is not alone…

Who murdered the guest? Is it the crazy-looking guy in the tunnel? What is up with those strange sounds? Is anyone else in danger?

I enjoyed the setup of this book, as we get to meet each of the overnight guests as they sign in. It reminded me of Clue, where a strange cast of characters comes together, and in this fishbowl, much can go awry… especially on Halloween! This small town, even without B&B guests, has a fantastic set of quirky characters, and I love to see the interactions between couples and friends. Despite how murdery this town seems, I think it might be fun to live there.