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Hidden Enemy*

More Twists and Revelations

Having read the first two variations of the first book, one from Em’s perspective and one from Jackson’s, I was very curious to see how the author would take it from there. I must say that I am delighted with this book, liking it even more than the first. It seems better paced, and Em has grown as a character. While it is a long book, you don’t even really notice because there is so much going on—on several fronts. The author definitely has some unique twists and turns going on here, and I am curious to see how she keeps that up in the other books of the series. Em is still trying to get control of her abilities, and she learns much more about her past and her father’s. Em gets more deeply embroiled within the world of the Fliers. I do like how this author has created this world-within-a-world setting. The book is definitely paranormal, but it is side-by-side with our world. Very well done.