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Her Wild Coast Rescue*

Odd Blend of Steamy Romance and Medical Drama

I was attracted to this book at my favorite book review site because the medical angle of it intrigued me. I am an RN, and I am definitely drawn to medical fiction, whether it’s thrillers, romance, or mystery. I found it intriguing, too, that the heroine was a nursing student. Having been one myself, I was curious to see how that would play into it. (It didn’t really, other than her saying some completely wrong things!)

Unfortunately, I find myself disappointed in this book. It seems a very odd combination of steamy-to-the-level-of-crude romance (and I’m not a fan of crude terms in a love story) and heart-warming family medical drama. The parts about the heroine’s brother, grappling with the results of a climbing accident and traumatic brain injury, were gripping emotionally. The parts about the romance—not so much. It just didn’t work for me on several levels. In general, I am not a fan of insta lust stories, and I found it to be jarring in the context of the plot about the brother’s injuries. So this book just didn’t quite work for me.