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Her Viking*

Focus on Ero

The book starts with a prologue that gives insight into Ero’s past. Back in the shared present, the group seems to be suffering through quite a bit of infighting that is seeming to take precedence over their greater quest. Ero and Roan are always at odds. Damien shows up through his link to Ero, causing havoc. The book ends on a significant cliffhanger.

I found this installment of the series a little frustrating because of all the strife between Roan and Euro and how Annalise was stuck in the uncomfortable middle. It might seem strange to have a preference, but I prefer when the members in an RH group work as a team rather than seeming to be at odds all the time. Yes, of course, there has to be conflict, but I prefer teamwork when a group strives towards an important goal, so I prefer squabbles or disagreements, not such a great chasm between people. The group’s internal conflicts were definitely what this installment was about and not so much the greater picture. I find some of the author’s use of language a little off-putting. For some reason, I expect my fantasy reads to have a certain elevation of language that precludes certain terms that feel more modern. Such words pull me out of the fantasy world and back into the present.

Still, I founded this portion of the series to be an interesting read and am curious to see what happens next.