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Her Fake Irish Husband*

Well-Done Fake Marriage Trope

I read a lot of romance, so I’m not unfamiliar with the trope of a fake marriage. This particular story, however, is an absolutely delightful spin on the theme. Rachel, the heroine, is a go-getter at her problem-solving company, and when an Irish earl, Thomas, comes looking for assistance finding a fake bride so he can hold on to his inheritance, she decides she is the best candidate for the short-term contract. It will also allow her to help some friends who need money. Thomas is a little taken aback that she has put herself forward, but Rachel’s boss believes it is a brilliant solution to a problem that needs fixing in less than a week. What made this story so fun was the banter and interaction between the characters as well as the fact that it actually did take them some time to develop feelings for each other. This is no insta-love book. Instead, they are two very different people who don’t come off to each other necessarily very well at the beginning but soon prove themselves to be better people than the other one first imagined. Rachel also helps Thomas navigate the press and deal with other issues. In the manor, Rachel has some problems that she must work through with the staff. There’s also some great humor with one of Thomas’s friends, Sammy. I wish he had more page time. I loved what we saw of Rachel’s family. The various relationships in this book felt authentic and relatable. If you enjoy the fake marriage trope, you will most likely enjoy this very well-done take on that theme.