Heists and Homicides*

Magical Bank in Peril

Zoe gets a cryptic email from someone she doesn’t know saying that the Bank of Moon Grove is in big trouble. She already intended to go there to get a loan for a new house for her and Grandma, but Grandma convinces her that they should build their own home. While at the bank, it is robbed at wandpoint.

Who has it in for the very powerful and heavily magic-protected bank? Who or what could even have the power to pull such a stunt? What else will this person or group do? Can Zoe and Grandma help get to the bottom of it?

What a delightful paranormal mystery! I got hints of Harry Potter and how magic is used in his world in this book, including the importance of wands and short incantation spells. The author has woven magic in seamlessly as if it were a completely normal happenstance–which of course it is in this world. Grandma is a hoot, and she adds much to the story. I love it when older characters are integral to a plot and are complex in their own characterization.

If you enjoy cozy paranormal mysteries, you may find this installment of the Magic & Mystery series an excellent read.