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Hearts in Georgia*

Collection of Heartwarming, Sweet Small-Town Romances

This is a heartwarming collection of four stories based around a small town in Georgia. The first two books have an outsider coming into the community. The first, Lysander, blends in well even though he comes in from across the country. He and his two children are very nearly adopted by the couple next door. Their daughter is involved in a relationship with a guy who does not appreciate her; I was actually a little surprised at how much of the novel the bad boyfriend was in. In the second story, the new person does not integrate into the town fabric nearly so easily. Each story is relatively short, yet the author is able to ramp up the emotions in each story and create tension. Each story is distinct, which I always appreciate in a collection. If you enjoy the kind of feel-good, low-angst romance that you see on the Hallmark Channel, you will most likely enjoy these stories.

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