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Well-Written Western Romance

I am a huge lover of historical romance, but my typical go-to read is more along the lines of Regency or medieval. Lately, I have been trying out a few Western romances, and I am finding that I am enjoying these as well as the other two. There’s usually some crazy melodrama and wild incidents, like things with railroads or mines, that you only see in westerns. This book is an excellent example of why I am testing the waters of western romance. This story was just plain fun, with all of the hijinks that one expects from a western. Plus the hero and the heroine were complex characters who first mixed like oil and water. I so enjoyed their first bantering and interactions while Charlie was recuperating after his treacherous flume ride. Charlie, the hero, is definitely a daredevil—what we’d call an adrenaline junkie today—but he has a big heart and truly cares for people whom he cares for. Virginia, the heroine, is at times a no-nonsense lady. She has to be, as she is working a couple of jobs, including helping the local doctor as a nurse, to pay off her father’s debts. The book has a surprising harrowing incident that actually keeps you on edge to see how it’s going to turn out. All in all, this was a fantastically well-done western romance with engaging characters and a well-paced plot.