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Goddess of Marriage*

Not Easy Being the Host of Hera

We first meet Zach and Helen when they are teenagers learning about Zeus and Hera in Greek history class; they believe themselves to be genuinely in love. It flashes forward to 10 years later when they are married and are parents to a little girl named Cassandra. She is two, and Helen is ready to go back to work, so they’re looking for a nanny but without much success until they interview Sebastian. He has experience taking care of his siblings as well as working as a nanny for three different couples. He’s hired. In his personal life, he’s engaged to Kat and has only recently moved to Elysium.

If you aren’t familiar with this series, characters in it become essentially possessed by the spirits of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. This inhabitation is typically familial, as it is here for Helen and for the heroine in the previous book of the series. So she and Zach aren’t just Helen and Zach; they also hold within themselves the spirits of Hera and Zeus. These Olympians can make themselves heard in their hosts’ minds as well as make them act out; the hosts pass out and don’t know what has happened. If you’re familiar with the legends and myths of Hera and Zeus, you will understand that Helen and Zack are not having the best relationship.

Along with following Zach and Helen’s relationship, we also follow up Sebastian and Kat’s. He’s quite content to be a nanny, though he has other dreams as well. She is really pushing him to go back to school to learn about business.

I enjoyed the first book of this series, and I enjoyed this one as well. My goodness, Hera and Zeus really put Helen and Zach through so much. Those love-struck teens didn’t stand a chance once the Olympians possessed them. Hera is not happy that Helen is considering divorce. She is the goddess of marriage after all, and she cannot inhabit a divorced woman’s body, and her host must be married to the man who is possessed by Zeus. The drama on all sides made for a good read. The very end of the book was a total shocker that I didn’t see coming. Oh, my gosh! I won’t give it away, but it completely follows from what we know even though it is a surprise.

If you enjoy ancient Greek mythology, you might enjoy this series’ modern spin on it. I quite enjoy watching the gods and goddesses torment these poor humans; it’s cool to see the myths come to life.

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