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Global Career*

Be a Global Citizen

If you’ve ever thought about studying or working abroad, this book is jam-packed full of personal experiences, information, and tips about how to do so. The author has lived and worked all over the globe, and this book is a distillation of all that he has learned. He does give some straight-up facts as well as share his personal experiences. I think this book would be particularly helpful for people under 30, as there are far more options for younger people to live and work abroad. The United States has reciprocal agreements with several countries for working holiday visas. But the author does give some other pointers that could apply for people who are north of 30, including how to work for an American company remotely. The book is laid out well. The first chapters deal with studying, interning, and working abroad. Further chapters explore working abroad in more depth, like the visas needed, their requirements and costs. The book ends with chapters on how to live as an expat and traveling tips. All in all, if this is something you are considering, this book will make the possibilities seem more real and point you in the right directions if it is something that truly interests you.