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Girl By Any Other Name*

Back from the Dead?

An intriguing take on a topic that is sometimes seen in suspense or thrillers: someone seems to come back from the dead. I don’t want to give too much away, but I found it interesting the way that the story moved back and forth between a fictionalized past of the couple and they’re present. The true source of the mystery and suspense is not known for quite a while, and not until the end do we really understand what happened in the past. The hero had quite a tendre for the heroine, even when all thought she was dead. The author was successful in making the “back from the dead” theme work, and I enjoyed the interplay between the couple both in the past and the present; kids can be kids, and adulting is sometimes complicated! Books that have so much flashback can feel disjointed, but the past illuminated the present in a variety of ways. I will admit that I was a little confused at first about what Raven Girl was and if it was meant to be told from the perspective of a young person or from an older person looking back at their childhood. But I decided just to trust the author and go with it, and it actually did work. A well-done, unique story.

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