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Gems & Gunshots*

Presley Finds Mystery in San Diego

Presley’s taking off time from her work at the boutique and going to visit on-again-off-again boyfriend Cooper in San Diego. She figures it will also be a good time to work on her writing. Before she even meets Cooper, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery. While at a coffee shop soon after landing, gunshots ring out at a jewelry store nearby. Presley can’t help getting involved!

What’s going on at the jewelry store? Is it just about their valuable inventory, or is it something else? What does Cooper think of her involvement?

Now that we’re getting well into the series in this installment, the author is taking perhaps a little too much time explaining Presley’s past involvement with the earlier mysteries. Sometimes, too, the narrative prose and even paragraphs can go on for too long. There was one paragraph that literally went on for three Kindle screens–and I don’t use large type. Several places could have become the starting points of new paragraphs! I did find a few errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage.

I’ve read several of this author’s books in quick succession, and I believe that I am seeing her improve in her writing skills with each book (long paragraphs notwithstanding!). Presley’s characterization is stronger. If you’ve enjoyed Presley’s previous exploits, you will most likely enjoy this one as well.