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Freeing Fortune*

A Fictional (?) Regency Character Comes to the Modern World

Imagine that your favorite book boyfriend was brought from his fictional world into your own when you accidentally speak some words from a secret magical spell! That’s the way this book starts when a Darcy-esque Ben Fortune is brought forth from Regency times by the heroine to modern times. In Parts, this book reminds me of the delightful TV series called Lost in Austen, where the heroine of that story went back to Regency England, switching places with Elizabeth Bennet. But in this book, Ben is in our time. It’s fun to see our world through his eyes. He is a complex man with ideals that are similar to our own in many cases; he’s a great hero, both then and now. This book extends the idea of Lost in Austen in a really interesting way. Essentially, Ben coming to our time from his place in a novel actually creates strange changes first in the novel and then in actual history. Move one man from his “fake” time centuries ago, and much can change: the butterfly effect. I really enjoyed all the references to Pride and Prejudice and other historical romances, both their novels and their movies. The author got one tiny detail wrong. Heathcliff wasn’t a Regency hero; the Bronte sisters were Victorian writers (writing a good 20+ years after the Regency era), and Wuthering Heights is considered to be Gothic. It certainly isn’t Regency. Aside from that, I found this book to be an absolute delight.