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Four Last First Dates*

Healing Past Pain and Letting Go

The book starts with a hilarious scene where Bailey is trying to play the numbers to get to her last first date. She’s attempting speed dating at a bar. She only managed to make it through the first four of the ten that she should have participated in after the last guy wanted to measure her so he could make a female robot! Marissa’s brother is at the bar as well; clearly, Bailey and Ryan have a little flirty, bantering relationship. Marissa warns her off though, as she sees Ryan as still broken and cynical about relationships after a bad breakup. Cassie announces her engagement, which triggers a flood of memories for Bailey. She recalls her engagement to Dan some years ago. She had thought he was the love of her life, but then he died in an accident. Ryan and Bailey deepen their flirtation, but their past wounds and hangups with relationships get in the way.

I have so enjoyed this series of books. In the space of a few hours, the author made me laugh at the speed dating (some of those were really bad!) and in tears as I watched Bailey’s struggle with her inability to let her former fiance go and allow herself to move on. Just as in Paige’s book, the heroine’s past tugs at the heartstrings, and you will root for her to be able to embrace the future wholeheartedly. I like how in this book the hero has his own backstory to get beyond as well. I always enjoy the romances where two suffering people—hurting through no fault of their own—help each other heal. In the hands of the right author, it’s beautiful to watch as characters work through their difficulties, going back and forth, trying to do what is best. Bailey’s thoughts and emotions seemed realistic for her kind and compassionate character. Ryan was still a good guy even though he was hurting.

If you enjoy romances that can make you both laugh and cry—like I do—you may very well find this book to be an incredible read.