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Forex Trading for Beginners*

General Information Good But Not Actionable

I have read a couple of books on different types of trading and one specifically on Forex trading. Compared to other types of investing, Forex trading seems particularly fraught with peril, including the high risk of losing a fair amount of money in a short time. As such, I believe it takes true knowledge and skill to work the market to your advantage. This book to me seems to be more about educating about what Forex trading is, including are the terms and concepts you need to understand. But it falls short on actually giving you actionable steps if you want to dip your toe into this volatile market, despite what the subtitle says. The background information isn’t bad, with its definition of what the market is, trading pairs, terms like pips, margins, and spreads; the types of risk involved; different ways of trading; choosing a broker; and analysis and automation tools—among other topics. But you certainly won’t have enough information to even start thinking about truly trading. The book is good as far as it goes, but I would caution any potential reader to not act without doing deeper study and paper trading.