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First and Again*

Hero Not So Heroic

I so wanted to like this book. I appreciate that the couple was a little older, and I truly did think that some of the complex storylines included in this book were well done, namely the shifting relationships between the heroine, her mother, sister, and her former tormenter as they truly grew in understanding of each other as well as the evolving relationship between the daughters of the hero and heroine. In fact, I think the secondary storylines were better than the romance. My problem? I just could not like the hero. I didn’t like the way he treated his daughter, and I didn’t like the way that he treated the heroine; through his actions, he made both the females feel bad—his daughter he made doubt herself (she even seemed to live in a bit of fear of him at times), and he made the heroine walk around on eggshells so she didn’t bruise his delicate ego and perhaps earn a low-blow comeback or shatter a fragile peace. I kept hoping that he would improve on both counts, but he didn’t. I thought he was kind of a jerk and at times a controlling bully. And I can never get behind a story where I just don’t like the hero.

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