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Fire & Ice*

Gifts and Magical Realm

In this young adult fantasy, Lorelei has a talent for singing given to her by a fairy and a gift for healing that she hides as suggested by her grandmother. Her world is set on end when she meets Adrius who introduces her to the world of fairies and elves. Lorelei has a mutual attraction with several of the magical beings she meets in the realm he takes her to. Her mother has a mysterious illness, and Adrius seems to understand it better than others.

Will Lorelei become comfortable with her gifts? What will Adrius want in return for his help? Will she have to choose between the men who are interested in her, and if so, which one will finally triumph? What will happen to her mother?

I found the magical realm created by the author to be a fascinating and complex one, but I wasn’t enamored with the female lead, Lorelei. She was a bit too whiny and made stupid mistakes that had me shaking my head. Too, it got a little tiresome to read of her attraction over and over to these various magical men. The book was very long as well, especially for a young adult fantasy even with the required worldbuilding. I think the story could have been tightened up, and it would have made a more compelling read.