Fate of the Goddess*

Violent Start but Okay Story

I have quite enjoyed some of this author’s books in the past. This one, I had a hard time getting into because it just felt so needlessly violent at the beginning. Once the twins got to the human realm, I found it more accessible. A lot is going on in this story, and it is quite a fascinating world that the author has created here. I was surprised at the number of grammar and consistency issues in this book. It wasn’t just the normal ones with punctuation and grammar, but sometimes the characters were called the wrong names. In at least one place a near word was used instead of the right word, shall instead of shawl to describe a garment. Since I didn’t know the characters’ world, I did find the issues with character names to be confusing. That said, after the initial violence, the story of the young, future ruling gods as they await their time to be a fascinating one.