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Falling for Her Opposing Counsel*

Another Charming Trip to Holiday Junction

I’ve read one other book in the Holiday Junction series, the book that was formerly known as Lena’s Lucky Charm and is now known as Falling for her Headache. I enjoyed that visit to Holiday Junction, and so I looked forward to another installment. The heroine in this book gradually fell for both the hero and for this small town; I’m in agreement with her on both! I thought Evie was a good heroine as she isn’t just a hard-bitten New York businesswoman who is dismissive of small-town life (though she doesn’t like camping!), as they can often be portrayed in romances. Even before she engages with the locals over the development issue, she understands the need to respect the place that her company wants to develop, and she understands the need to negotiate. Liam, the hero, is passionate in his defense of his town; this is believable and understandable. At times, these two butt heads, but not in an overly acrimonious way. In fact, as they get to know each other, some of their banter is quite witty and engaging; I loved the stories they told as they became better acquainted. Their evolving relationship and the delightful town and denizens of Holiday Junction are just utterly charming. I enjoyed this book as I did the first one, and I am looking forward to reading more in this series.