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Falling for Her Best Friend*

Another Charming Romance in Holiday Junction

Interestingly, this is the third book that I have read in the Holiday Junction series, but it is actually the first book of the series! I had, of course, seen this couple in the other books, but now I got to read their story! This is a friends-to-lovers romance. When Vi comes back to town, she thinks she might restart her relationship with her high school boyfriend, but her best friend from high school, Cade, has actually been in love with her since high school. He was content to remain her bestie while she was dating Liam. Will he have a second chance now that they’re older?

I have found all of the Holiday Junction series books to be charming. This one felt especially so. I love the setting of the town, and that was explored more in this book than the other ones. I want to live in Holiday Junction; it is just so quaint and lovely. The meet-cute between the couple was funny and adorable, and Vi’s reaction to being home as well as Cade’s reaction her seemed honest and authentic. I like both of these characters, and it was fun to watch their relationship evolve.

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