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Equity Crowdfunding*

Learn More About This Novel Way to Raise Capital

Have you heard of the concept of equity crowdfunding? It’s a relatively new way of raising capital for a small business. Think of it as the grown-up version of Kickstarter; instead of getting a company or person’s product, you get shares in the company. It is definitely a novel way for startups and entrepreneurs to not only fund their business but to market it. This book goes over the concept in great detail. It is very well organized, starting with defining what equity crowdfunding is and goes on to explore whether or not it is right for your business. Then he looks at the different equity crowdfunding platforms and options that you’ll have to choose from. Once you’ve decided that this is for you, the book gives you further insight into how to craft your offer and run it and even what to do after your campaign is over. If this is something you’ve thought about or sounds intriguing to you, this would be the perfect book to pick up to see if it would be right for you.