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Energy Healing for Relationships*

Good Book for Energy Work

I was surprised at the depth and breadth of the information in this book. I myself have worked with subtle energies for a long time as a Reiki practitioner. While this book is specifically looking at energy as it relates to couples and families, the authors actually give an excellent grounding in the concepts of chakras and the five elements. In fact, if you are drawn to this book but fear you don’t have much of a background, I would say go ahead and get it because the authors educate you as well as give you exercises in energy work and energy healing. You’ll come away much more knowledgeable and grounded.

The book has a logical organization, which I always appreciate. The book starts discussing what subtle energy fields are and gets the reader working with them. The book moves on to talking about you as an individual and specifically discusses energy work to help find a partner that resonates with your energy. Once we have a handle on our own energy, the book then guides how to approach expanding energy consciousness to include a partner. The natural progression then moves on to the partners preparing to welcome children into the family and then into energy work for healthy children and family structures. A final chapter at the end looks at some contemporary difficulties that one could face in the real world and how we can heal our energy if they impact us. The book is brimming with exercises. Every chapter has at least several, and some chapters have quite a few. I found the exercises to be simple, for the most part, but able to lend insight into self, other, and the family as a unit. Not all of the exercises truly have to do with healing, though many of them do. However, one could argue that any energy work done well has a healing aspect. If energy work interests you at all, or you have an interest in alternative methods for better relationships, you may very well enjoy this book.